Solar Flashing 200

Solar powered 200mm Solar Yellow Flashing Light
Model No. : ZAM-W200-3-15-1A

Solar warning Lights for various applications.

Pedestrian crossing, works sites, factory area, suburban street junctions etc.

Model No: ZAM-W200-3-15-1A

Features and Benefits:

Application – junctions, roads, highways, construction sites
Solar cell powered – not dependent on electrical grid Automatic dimming function at night

Battery backup – able to operate in cloudy/rainy weather
Transparent poly-carbonate optical lens – impact resistant

High intensity LED light source – low energy consumption
Long life cycle – more than 80,000 working hours Highly durable poly-carbonate housing; UV-light resistant

Easy fixation system with aluminum mounting brackets Compliance with CE, RoHS, EN12368, ISO9001


Technical Data:


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