Traffic Products and Solutions
Road traffic control at its most elemental level is achieved through the use of a system of signs, signals, and markings.

LED Traffic Lights

Various sizes , configuraitons and working voltage options


SCATS is a complete system of hardware, software and control philosophy. It operates in real-time, adjusting signal timings throughout the system in response to variation in traffic demand and system capacity.

It measures traffic volumes and flows at intersections mainly using inductive loop detectors buried in the road surface. This data is then used to automatically adapt operation of traffic signals on an area-wide basis.

Traffic Controllers

Adpative Traffic Controllers, SCATS compatible. and range of Traffic contoller to meet your project needs for urban Traffic control  and related traffic applications.

ZAMTAS Traffic Techologies

  • Traffic Signal Lights.
  • LED Street Lights
  • Traffic Controllers.
  • ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems)
  • SCATS compatible Traffic Controllers
  • VMS Signs and LED Displays
  • Traffic Signs 

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