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Radar Detector

Radar Detector


1.Direction determination function

Support uni-directional detection (①Only detects the vehicles will enter the radar detection area②Only detects the vehicles will leave the radar detection area)

Support bidirectional detection (Simultaneously detect the vehicles will entering  or leaving  the radar detection area)

2.Vehicle speed data collection function
3.Solar or AC power
4.Pickup Distance:Around 150m
5.Response Time:≤5ms


1.Working Frequency:24.150GHz
2.Operating Current: 0.3A
3.Beam Widths:horizontal:20°,vertical:16°
4.Operating Temperature:-40℃ ~ +65℃
5.Operating Humidity:+95%
6.Measuring Range:(1~400)km/h
7.Pickup Distance:0-200m
8.Measurement Error:±0.1km/h
9.K-band Doppler frequency regulator.
10.Response Time:≤20ms
11.Operating Voltage:DC 8V~20V
12.Output Interface:RS232,RS485
14.Support the moving target direction identification


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