ZTT Slim 200

Developed over the past few decades by ZAMTAS International’s engineering teams in Australia, Pakistan and China, ZAMTAS’ Slim NG Series Hi-Flux 200 mm LED Universal Traffic Light combines the functionality of the standard traffic light with the enhanced power savings of the latest technologies of LED lighting.

The Slim NG Series Hi-Flux traffic lights can be provided in a variety of arrangements and sizes, subject to legislative requirements and the clients’ needs.

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Key Features:

-Highly efficient LEDs enhance power savings

-Dimming function allows even further power savings

-Highly aesthetic workmanship + modern and slim design

-The separate system controller is fully-SCATS compatible

-Available in 12 / 24V DC & 110 / 230V AC working voltages

-Modular, Vandal-proof design

-Suitable for inductive loop sensors

-Dust-proof, IP65 rated

-Simplicity of assembling and servicing

-Single and double mounting using brackets

-Also available in 100 and 300mm diameter specification



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